At Concord Analytics our mission is to serve and empower clients by analyzing information, navigating change, and creating effective solutions for their organizations, people, and communities.


Values are vital to the integrity and success of any organization. At Concord Analytics, they are the foundation of our relationships with clients. If we do not live by these values, we cannot succeed.

  • Respect: We treat everyone with respect, dignity, and care.

  • Diligence: Easy solutions are rare, especially for complex problems and institutional needs. We give our clients honest solutions that lead to insight and a clear road map to success.

  • Clear communication: We value clear communication so each party’s interests and needs are understood and respected.

  • Curiosity and continuous learning:  Our team consists of explorers at heart. Information and knowledge are dynamic and we strive to keep our skills and abilities up to date.

  • Community: We believe in doing good not just for our clients but our communities and neighbors. We look for projects to better our community through service or involvement.