Businesses and non-profits are collecting data at an exponential rate through sources such as sales, client/customer demographics, and social media data. It can be difficult to extract meaningful information from your data to guide in strategic decision making. This is where data analytics can help.

Data analytics is the process of making meaning out of raw data by combining business insights with analytical methods such as statistical, predictive, and machine learning techniques. Through these methods, patterns and information in data are uncovered that can lead to new understanding and assist in decision making, productivity improvement, and cost savings.

At Concord Analytics, we tailor to our clients’ needs and ultimately distillĀ  analyses and information down to meaningful stories, insight, and recommendations.

If you are curious about how data analytics can help you and your business, contact us today!

Founder and Principal Partner, Dan Walsh, ensures that every client's data can be distilled down to a meaningful story that provides insight and guidance.

-How we work with our clients-

We meet with you to discuss your needs and tailor a plan to help you reach your goals.
Using the most efficient analytic techniques, we extract information to find the solutions you need.
We visualize the information and provide you with strategic recommendations so you can move towards success.